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EDGE Mobility Tool
Justin IP (2018-06-03 10:13:38刊登, #24053)
The EDGE is THE ORIGINAL 300 grade stainless steel tool for assisted soft tissue manipulation from Buffalo, NY. I have always been interested in other big name approaches but did not want to pay the prices. I am an orthopaedic manual therapist who teaches in an accredited OMPT fellowship program. I developed my own tool with different edges for different areas of the body. It is lightweight, has a comfortable grip, and even certified practitioners of the "other" techniques have used it and found it more comfortable and easier to use. It's several tools in one!

The EDGE is used by professionals all over the world! Some organizations that use the EDGE: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, division 1 schools, smaller colleges, high school ATCs and of in the capable hands of PTs, DCs, MTs, and ATCs.

寄往貨倉: Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
運輸方法: 空運
貨件價錢: USD 99.99
體積重量: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (1 lbs)
貨件重量: 1.85 lbs
重新包裝服務: 沒有
標籤: massage