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處理貨件: 109,232件 | 總值: HKD154,698,964.0
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Prana Brion Pant
Justin IP (2017-12-06 21:53:28刊登, #23294)
Whether you're rushing to work or casually trekking through an overnight section of the Pacific Crest Trail, the prAna Brion Pants keep you going.
Nylon fabric with a bit of spandex is durable, quick-drying, and flexible
Standard fit is relaxed without being overly baggy
Gusseted crotch gives your legs room to move
寄往貨倉: Jamaica, New York, United States
運輸方法: 空運
貨件價錢: USD 52.46
體積重量: 0cm x 0cm x 0cm (0 lbs)
貨件重量: 1.48 lbs
重新包裝服務: 沒有
標籤: prana